My Shadow And I

A something, not of earth or sky,
Beside me walks the ways I go,
And I-I never truly know,
If I am it or it is I.

It soothes me with its tender speech,
It guides me with its gentle hand,
But I-I can not understand
The links that bind us each to each.

I hear the songs of golden days
Fall softly on the saddened years,
But know not whose the hungry ears
First feasted on the roundelays.

I feel the hopes, the yearnings brave,
Within my bosom surge and roll,
But know not whose the Master Soul
That called their glories from the grave.

I see the great world's greater curse,
Dark struggles on through darker days,
But know not whose the eyes that gaze
Through all the sobbing universe.

O, Shadow mine! Beneath my brow
I feel thy thoughts, and in my heart
Thy fondest longings madly start!
Thou art myself and I am thou!

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