The Devil You Call A Friend

Rise up!
You people of the nations
Make a cry, like a labouring woman
For time is short and the devil is hungry
Scare it away for its plans are evil
To ruin, kill and leave
That is his aim

My nation people
He has come with fake doctrines
He pretends to be good and Godly
But indeed he is evil
I saw him at night
Planning to destroy and kill

He did it, by legalising evil worship
He has changed the words
Yes, the words in God's law
To the opposers, he has undermined them
That devil, who seems to be holy
His language, one of the charismatic
He speaks empathically
To attract and convince

One of the hyenas
Who pretends to be a sheep
He lives with sheep
But his intentions are diverse
To befriend for a meal
At night, he ruins the innocent sheep

I saw a crew of friends
Heading to the den
Where the devil lives
They took prizes, to please him
In their mind, they thought he was a king

Like another group of sheep
Who played with the lion
They thought he was a friend
But wasn't even a common enemy, but an enemy of death
Be careful my nation people, on whomever you think is holy
Long are the times, when real friends lived.

Francis Omariba
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