Ma An' Me

There've been times we'd disagree
Somethin' awful, Ma an' me;
Times when I would bang the door
Never to come back no more,
An' go stompin' down the street
Sayin' things I won't repeat;
Vowin' that the only course
For us two was a di-vorce.
Then when it come time for tea
We'd make up, would Ma an' me.

We've had many a lively spat
Arguin' over this an' that.
There've been times when Ma got mad,
Said enough o' me she'd had,
Tired o' listenin' to me jaw;
Reckoned that she'd go t' law,
Tell the judge her tale o' woe,
An' my own way I could go.
Then the children we would see
An' we'd laugh, would Ma an' me.

Ma an' me ain't angels quite,
Neither of us does things right.
She's got reason fer complaint,
She ain't married to a saint;
Guess I've tried her patience more
Than the children round the door;
An' at times, by all that's fine,
Ma has certainly tried mine.
But together still are we,
Pals an' lovers - Ma an' me.

We've just plodded on the way
Hand in hand from day to day,
Workin' for the greatest good,
Doin' just the best we could.
Gettin' mad, as people will,
But remainin' faithful still.
An' we've never gone to bed
Till we took back all we said,
Kissed, an' vowed we'd always be
Pals an' sweethearts-Ma an' me.

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