The lyre lets out a long lute
Into the arena the lyricist
Laughter and love in line
Adjusts the frame
Plucked, the strings speak
He tamely sounds his name
And his mother's clan and father's game
Throat clears smile smear and the audience responds
Ese Wasike Wa Musungu
He strikes the strings
Omukeni wa Nachango
Responds the rhythm
Ese,efwe bakisiayi,Neala
Be Mwiala wa Mango
The music mixes with the mind
The shoulders suavely scintillate
Chimbengele chime in chorus
The men and women are up on their feet
They toe their feet in the sand
Vibrate their shoulders as their vocals
Wasike woos them on
With the tale of generosity
Eat with your neighbor,who will dig your grave when you die?
The text is timeless the tune a treasure
Kenya is independent we don't want trouble
And the woman who goes to work for Indians in town!

Denis Barasa
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