Tomorrow Never Comes

I heard a bird whisper
In it's feeder
In the sweetest voice beyond comparison
Far, far beyond the horizon
That, 'tomorrow never comes'.
Even before the sun's rising
the future seems so promising
So the vulture hoped for better tomorrows
For days of joys and no sorrows
With fantasies of being proper
And the other, to prosper
to create roof over its head
And gather enough bread
Yet it lingered, never to cope
Lackadaisically lazing around, trusting on hope
Believing to survive all weather
Forgetting its freedom depends on its feather
Ofcourse prophecies confirmed its fortune
So it danced to success' tune
it prayed, scavenged and waited
Whilst the woodpecker pecked.
It refused to gather yet does borrow
But isn't today yesterday's tomorrow?
And didn't you procrastinate to a later date?
Well, they were good excuses, guess now it's too late
For the storms appeared out of the blue
And as to whether it regretted, I have no clue.
If you have something doing, do it today
For tomorrow will never come your way as it did yesterday.

Dacosta Kofi Aboagye
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