You Are Not Alone

You may feel the pain,
Your arm muscle wasting away.
Just never think,
You are ALONE.

The earth may open wide its mouth,
Swallowing every little friend you have cared.
Just never think,
You are your own.

You may face a harsh pour,
Flooding the little poor garden that you owned.
just never think,
You are lonely.

Thieves may invade into your apartment,
Taking away every thing you have saved.
Just never think,
You are ALONE.

You may hear the wind whistling threats.
Thunderstom too Taking things scary!
Failing to think clearly.
Just know you are not Alone

Who you are matters nothing to him.
The creator of all creators,
Is always out there looking for you.
You are not ALONE.

Blessings Mitembo
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