I wish to be the dandelion
Doesn't choosing by anyone,
Rarely plucked,
To make options for people's choices
On its petals, withered away,
But doesn't harm others.

I wish to be the dandelion
Rather than pretty, beautiful rose,
Possess pleasant odor,
Usually plucked,
By people to add effulgence to their coats,
Putting it in pockets, near the hearts.

I wish to be a dandelion
Having no thorns,
Neither helpful nor harmful.
But besides thorns of rose, put in pockets
Penetrating through chest,
Bursts their hearts.

Azanum Bhat
(C) All Rights Reserved. Poem Submitted on 03/07/2022

Poet's note: I wrote it for myself and I don't want to summarise this to public.
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