To The Brightest Star

It was only a while ago,
You opened the door to my world.
As time passed our hearts did grow,
Beautiful tales were told.

You opened up my heart,
With your words I was flattered.
Our eyes were closed and yet we spoke,
Nothing else really mattered.

Your voice I longed to hear,
Your smile I longed to see.
Even though you were nowhere near,
I pictured you in front of me.

Feelings escalated,
Saw you with my eyes closed.
Once again I felt elated,
I felt so composed.

Your jokes made me laugh,
Loved every moment we spent.
Every moment, I treasured with love,
A story I wish had no end.

And if I had to do it all over again,
I would not change a single thing.
In my heart you will remain,
The star that'd be glittering.

Az Mo
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