This Song In Your Name

A name I'll live to recite like a love poem,
I'll sing your name like it's a sweet hymn.
I'll dance to the rythm of this song,
Promise me you'll always sing along.

A glowing face to display the perfect smile,
The smile to be seen from a mile.
Show me a more breathtaking smile now,
A grin of perfection to always show.

A day old skin, leave alone flawless,
Skillfully polished, a hand of prowess.
Beautiful eyeballs, subject to only me,
Invisible to others, no one else they'd see.

Show me your heart, mine is all yours,
Write your name on it, to you mine bears.
Redefined happiness, Oh! it's magical,
A charming princess, Oh! she's noble.

Ally Fred
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