The Mirror Effect Iv

One day I'll sleep, but before then
I want to learn everyday
I want to grow in love
I want to touch my family's heart
I want to look in a mirror and not turn away
Before I close my eyes I want to open them.

I know one day I'll sink, but before then
I want to push through rocks and barriers
I want to live my dreams
I want to remember how much every day means
Before I'm sent away for good
I want to leave a mark of good.

I know one day I'll go forever, but before I do
I want to stay true to my faith
I want to stay real to my friends
I want to purify my intentions
I want to remember every day
How hard my mom prays.

I know one day I'll settle down, but before then
I want to stand for what's right
I want to live everyday and fight
I want to sleep every night
Before I lose the light
I want to forgive and forget.

One day I'll travel to the unknown land
This day I'll leave everything behind
This day I'll lie helpless and alone
The day my cry won't be heard
But before I expire
I want first to inspire.

Ally Fred
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