One Again

When it started, every star glittered uniquely in
sparkles of joy.
Mornings were covered by pillows of pleasure
Nights of dissension controlled by conversations
of compassion and maturity.
This was going to infinity
This wasn't just a good thing
This was more than a blessing
It was eventually everything--
when it all started.

Now gone are the gracious seasons
Nights are longer than days
As the circle grew bigger and bigger
it became indubitably harder
to trace back to the center.
They'd pray together as penguins
They were bound by time
They were two birds with one feather,
Now they're two birds nesting in fear.

It was more than words, now the words are
washed away by tears of solitude,
and destiny is a fading light.
But this wasn't the end
"This shouldn't be the end."
To revive the lost soul
He'd reset his priorities
And she'd reset hers
To become one again.

Ally Fred
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