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  • Broken Hearted Poetess
    He broke your heart into pieces
    But a heaven sent is on the way
    Picking every broken piece.
    As fate draws him to you. ...
  • You Are Not Alone
    The midwives urged ...
  • I Knew A Pen
    I knew a pen
    It was a long time ago
    He rose admist the troubles
    Surrounding my existence. ...
  • Be My Val
    I remember the first time we met on campus.
    It was one of the best moments of my life.
    And from that day on, I think of you even when I don't want to
    But the distance in between makes it difficult for me to speak out. ...
  • Gather In My Name
    Ambulance blowing sirens is the sound of music that accompany humanity
    To the journey of no return
    Is this the end?
    Will I be missed? ...
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Tim Justin Quotes

  • I am just testing things One day, i will test nothing.
  • You don't have to be at the top of the game always. Below sometimes and learn new strategies from the top.
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Sphear-born harmonious Sisters, Voice, and Vers,
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Dead things with inbreath'd sense able to pierce,
And to our high-rais'd phantasie present,
That undisturbed Song of pure content,
Ay sung before the saphire-colour'd throne
To him that sits theron

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