Thomas Parnell Poems

  • 101.  
    Ye who ye Ld of host adore
    O praise his name aloneO send his praises to ye skyes
  • 102.  
    The fleeting Joy that all things have beneath
    Goes off like snow while Zephirs warmly breathThe happy wish that makes our bliss compleat
  • 103.  
    How justly art when Cælia aids so well
    Contends her ms nature to excellThe slender needles in that hand create
  • 104.  
    To grace those lines wch next appear to sight,
    The Pencil shone with more abated light,Yet still ye pencil shone, ye lines were fair,
  • 105.  
    Propitious Son of God to thee
    With all my soul I bend my knee,My wish I send my want impart,
  • 106.  
    Now leave the Porch, to vision now retreat,
    Where the next rapture glows with varying heat;Now change the time, and change the Temple scene,
  • 107.  
    Now early shepheards ore ye meadow pass,
    And print long foot-steps in the glittering grass;The Cows unfeeding near the cottage stand,
  • 108.  
    By the blue taper's trembling light,
    No more I waste the wakeful night,Intent with endless view to pore
  • 109.  
    As thro' the Psalms from theme to theme I chang'd,
    Methinks like Eve in Paradice I rang'd;And ev'ry grace of song I seem'd to see,
  • 110.  
    a Nations praise thine ample glory be
    or let the Nation find its praise in thee.
  • 111.  
    The Man whose Judgement Joynd with force of Witt
    The lives of Popes & lives of Heroes writtWho sung true Pleasure showd ye Golden mean
  • 112.  
    Now Front to Front the marching Armies shine,
    Halt e'er they meet, and form the length'ning Line,The Chiefs conspicuous seen, and heard afar,
  • 113.  
    When Spring came on with fresh Delight,
    To cheer the Soul, and charm the Sight,While easy Breezes, softer Rain,
  • 114.  
    With kind compassion hear my cry
    O Jesu, Lord of life, on high!As when the Summer's seasons beat
  • 115.  
    Some ages has the stage triumphant stood,
    and vice in masquerade debauchd the crowd;In charming numbers, all bewitching arts,
  • 116.  
    Gay Bacchus liking B---s wine
    A noble meal bespoke& for ye guests that were to dine
  • 117.  
    With Moral tale let Ancient wisdome move
    Which thus I sing to make ye moderns wiseStrong Neptune once with sage Minerva strove
  • 118.  
    When rosy-finger'd Morn had ting'd the Clouds,
    Around their Monarch-Mouse the Nation crouds,Slow rose the Monarch, heav'd his anxious Breast,
  • 119.  
    Far in a wild, unknown to public view,
    From youth to age a rev'rend hermit grew;The moss his bed, the cave his humble cell,
  • 120.  
    When thy beauty appears
    In its graces and airsAll bright as an angel new dropp'd from the sky,
Total 120 poems written by Thomas Parnell

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Dusk In June
 by Sara Teasdale

Evening, and all the birds
In a chorus of shimmering sound
Are easing their hearts of joy
For miles around.

The air is blue and sweet,
The few first stars are white,-
Oh let me like the birds

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