Thomas Parnell Poems

  • 51.  
    Is Viner Dead? and shall each Muse become
    Silent as Death, and as his Musick Dumb? Shall he depart without a poet's Praise,
  • 52.  
    Lovely, lasting peace of mind!
    Sweet delight of human-kind! Heavenly-born, and bred on high,
  • 53.  
    Ye Wives who scold fishes sell,
    Or sing sell your fruit, I want a wondrous thing to tell,
  • 54.  
    Rome when she could King Pyrrhus Life have bought
    She scornd a triumph So ignobly gott, The treason & ye traitor both disdaind,
  • 55.  
    As Nelly to a chamber got
    To take her leave of Ned She loosd her lace & Cast a knot
  • 56.  
    Giddy wth fond ambition, mad wth pride,
    Apostate angells once ev'n heavn defi'de; Avenging heavn its hottest bolts prepard,
  • 57.  
    Where waving Pines the brows of Ida shade,
    The swain young Paris half supinely laid, Saw the loose Flocks thro' shrubs unnumber'd rove
  • 58.  
    Ime Pleasd that Heaven hears my cry,
    Regards me when I pray, Ime pleasd, & in a gratefull Joy,
  • 59.  
    When Pop'ry s arbitrary yoak
    Britannia feard of late To liberty Religion spoke
  • 60.  
    Once Pope under Jevais resolvd to adventure
    & from a Good Poet Pope turnd an ill painter So from a Good Painter Charles Jervais we hope
  • 61.  
    In Biddy's Cheeks ye roses blow
    In Cattys nose they rise From Biddys lips soft accents flow
  • 62.  
    Thou soft Engager of my tender years
    Divertive verse now come & ease my cares The Rake has wine the aged knave ye view
  • 63.  
    My name is Wheeler here I ly
    Because I happend for to dy life wheeld me in death wheeld me out
  • 64.  
    The Persians us'd at setting of ye sunn
    To howl, as if he nere again should runn They onely acted it but we indeed
  • 65.  
    Time Sire of years unwind thy leaf anew,
    & still the past recall to present view, Spread forth its circles, swiftly gaze ym ore,
  • 66.  
    Thus sung the kingâ??some angel reach a bough
    From Eden's tree to crown the wisest brow; And now thou fairest garden ever made,
  • 67.  
    To the kind powr who taught me how to sing
    Thus with the first of all wch he bestowd Did ancient piety approach the God.
  • 68.  
    Have mercy mercy Lord on us
    & grant thy blessed grace Direct us in ye way of life
  • 69.  
    The Man whose mind & actions still Sedate
    Can bravely triumph ore ye thoughts of fate He who unaltered fortunes Changes brookes
  • 70.  
    Oft have I seen a Piece of Art,
    Of Light and Shade, the Mixture fine, Speak all the Passions of the Heart,
  • 71.  
    My days have been so wondrous free,
    The little birds that fly With careless ease from tree to tree,
  • 72.  
    My thought, on views of admiration hung,
    Intently ravish'd and depriv'd of tongue, Now darts a while on earth, a while in air,
  • 73.  
    Poets are bound by ye severest rules,
    the great ones must be mad, ye little all are fools, thus wn. I rime 'tis at my own expence,
  • 74.  
    How bless'd the man, how fully so,
    As far as man is bless'd below, Who taking up his cross essays
  • 75.  
  • 76.  
  • 77.  
    Mother of plenty, daughter of the skies,
    Sweet Peace, the troubl'd world's desire, arise;Around thy poet weave thy summer shades,
  • 78.  
    Just when ye dead of night began to fail
    & boding visions senceless dreams expellMethought a matron stood beside my bed
  • 79.  
    The things that Mortals love are mortal too
    & swiftly transient fleet before the viewOr if with man a longer while they stay
  • 80.  
    Is virtue something reall here below
    Or but an Idle name & empty showWhile on this head I take my thoughts to task
  • 81.  
    As Celia with her Sparrow playd
    She took a glass unseenHer mouth she filld
  • 82.  
    For Nothing Lucy never plays ye whore
    Thats trueâ??for Lucy ever pays before
  • 83.  
    A Beavy of the fair & Gay,
    Such as are daily Smoakt in tea,& toasted over wine,
  • 84.  
    Beauty rests not in one fix'd Place,
    But seems to reign in every Face;'Tis nothing sure, but Fancy then,
  • 85.  
    From that dire æra, bane to Sarum's pride,
    Which broke his schemes and laid his friends aside,He talks and writes that Pop'ry will return,
  • 86.  
    Arise my soul & hast away
    Thy god doth call & canst thou stayThee to his table he invites
  • 87.  
    The greatest Gifts that Nature does bestow,
    Can't unassisted to Perfection grow:A scanty Fortune clips the Wings of Fame,
  • 88.  
    Gay Bacchus liking Estcourt's Wine,
    A noble Meal bespoke;And for the Guests that were to Dine,
  • 89.  
    Since bearing of a Gentle mind
    Woud make you perfect beDear Celia to your self be kind
  • 90.  
    Blessed Light of saints on high
    Who fill the mansions of the sky,Sure defence, whose mercy still
  • 91.  
    Where Creditors their bankrupt debtors stow
    Where men for want of coin to durance go& are for being wretched made more so
  • 92.  
    Let those love now, who never lov'd before,
    Let those who always lov'd, now love the more.
  • 93.  
    Alas will nothing do,Nothing arrest the arm of Death
  • 94.  
    Oft have I read that Innocence retreats
    Where cooling streams salute ye summer SeatsSinging at ease she roves ye field of flowrs
  • 95.  
    When ore my temples balmy vapours rise
    Whose soft suffusion dims the sinking eyesGay dreams in troops fantastically light
  • 96.  
    Phillis I long yr powr have ownd
    & you still gently swaydNow nature has yr charms dethrond
  • 97.  
    Gays gon out early, how comes it to pass?
    Not that he has buisness, but thinks that he has
  • 98.  
    From the bleak Beach and broad expanse of sea,
    To lofty Salem, Thought direct thy way;Mount thy light chariot, move along the plains,
  • 99.  
    To friend with fingers quick & limber,
    I send this piece of tunefull timber:that, as 'tis said in Orpheus story,
  • 100.  
    In vain, poor Nymph, to please our youthful sight
    You sleep in cream and frontlets all the night, Your face with patches soil, with paint repair,
Total 120 poems written by Thomas Parnell

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