To the woman that had my heart before it was fashioned
Your love was never rationed, you love your kids with passion
My dark days you emblaze
Your spirit filled words l embrace
Thank you for chauffeuring me to my purpose

Hands like a cradle, you rocked my worries away
I feel safe every time you pray
Aura of your benignity, l see another day
The life lessons, your heart's treasure l can't repay
What you've done for me is worth more than sapphires and rubies

Her heart is a garden planted with goodwill
Sprouting encouragement to my dreams
So even in gloom, l gleam
Her angelic ways preserve me from the wicked
So when l'm subdued l feel lifted

I'm truly indebted for your sacrifices
I hope you know this is your rhyme
I hope you recite it until the end
And know that for your life l will spend
I send my love to every single mom taking care of their offspring

From the cradle to the grave
I will always make you proud
Never will you struggle as long as l'm alive
I will build on your legacy when you're underneath
And breath until your mission is complete