I want to know
The definition of Terrorism

The Eagle shadow which makes fear to the time
Points his finger at the weak
And says – a terrorist

When they don't get slept with their own evils
They remember- the blamed face
And breaks once
Says - ‘Damn terrorist!’

In a slept city
When the ruler is kissing the lips of the fourth
Or same numbered girlfriend
At that time
There must have been an explosion
Yes, his awakening become terrible
Fire suddenly rises in the lustful eyes
And rumbles –
Who has the opposite face color?
He is the number one terrorist

-Became a trade of readymade spectacles

Where is the answer?
Why does Bin Laden awaken so often?
Why is Saddam tattooing 'an America' on his genitals?

I want to understand terrorism

Is it right?

One needs head in the revenge of cut finger
Became a pacifist

And next denied it
Became terrorist
This time
I am not able to know
'The terrorism'

I want to know
The definition of 'Terrorism'