I don't know how to say this
Something happened at the party last night
Don't think this was something you missed
Because honestly I am acting the same as you are, confused and full of fright

Remember at the party when we kissed
Don't get this twisted I liked it
But later you and me were drunk and you grabbed my wrist
I tried pull away because I could tell you were drunk and were throwing a fit

But I couldn't fight myself when I was spiraling about
You pulled me outback
We started making out
I caved in and everything went black

I woke up the next day in a closet
With you on top of me and us both undressed
I know this isn't the best time to make you fret
But I want to know if we could still be more than friends at best

I understand this weird ship has just been sunk
But that's something i'm willing to push through
Because we were both drunk as a skunk
And I am still crazy for you