Sidney Lanier Poems

  • 151.  
    Down mildest shores of milk-white sand,
    By cape and fair Floridian bay,Twixt billowy pines-a surf asleep on land-
  • 152.  
    As Love will carve dear names upon a tree,
    Symbol of gravure on his heart to be,
  • 153.  
    For ever wave, for ever float and shine
    Before my yearning eyes, oh! dream of mineWherein I dreamed that time was like a vine,
  • 154.  
    Into the woods my Master went,
    Clean forspent, forspent.Into the woods my Master came,
Total 154 poems written by Sidney Lanier

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Charles Hamilton Sorley Poem
The Song Of The Ungirt Runners
 by Charles Hamilton Sorley

We swing ungirded hips,
And lightened are our eyes,
The rain is on our lips,
We do not run for prize.
We know not whom we trust
Nor whitherward we fare,
But we run because we must
Through the great wide air.

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