Sat at home wondering
Hoping you’ll be reminiscing
For evidence of you missing
You’re on my mind 24/7
I haven’t learned my lesson
You’re out there growing im here crying
You’re forgetting whilst I’m forgiving
I saw you on the street walking
I know I should have just walked by
But I couldn’t take you acting so sly
I swore at you, I don’t know why.
I knew from you I’d get no reply
For When I was hurting, you said goodbye
Within a blink of the eye
You were no longer near by
I always thought you would stand by
But you didn’t
It wasn’t fair on you I was always upset
You loved me deeply I will never forget.
But you punished me for something I was fighting against
Yes our relationship was tensed
And I’m sorry for that
I’m sorry I obsessed over my ass being flat
And I couldn’t stop wishing is were fat
But why do wrong to me to compensate
Why go watch other asss and masturbate
You were supposed to do the opposite in order to make the trust issues eradicate
Our relationship was difficult
I used to talk it out with you in hopes to eliminate not intoxicate.
But All i did was irritate and make you turn your love into hate
Now I’m stuck on whether We can recreate
The love we once did celebrate
I can’t believe we’re here rn
The promises we made
The forevers we said whilst we laid
Are we just gonna let fade
I know it got rough.
The situations got too tough
The circle we kept cycling
The arguments we kept fighting
The lies you kept denying
My insecurities I kept inviting
My heart that kept breaking
You’re love for me that was subsiding
The cycle you stoped riding
The cycle is no longer there
We’re on paths I once did fear
I’m confused on what to expect
You were my soul mate
Now we don’t even communicate

I guess it’s official we’re over
You’re out there single
Thousands of girls giving you a boner
I’m no longer yours
So maybe you don’t feel guilty
But I warn you I’ll no longer be your bby
You can’t just leave me, do stuff that hurts me, then come back to me.
If you want me back you’d act accordingly
And do what is necessary to win me
Cus yes I am a price.
I’m Fragile but always nice.
I react badly to situations but my humour can compromise.
I don’t know, why am I telling you.
You don’t want me.
You let me go.
We got out of hand.
We became something we couldn’t understand.
But there’s one thing I do
The love in me for you
Will always be in me and that’s true.
The words you’ve used are cruel
But My love acts as a fuel
It has power no one else can rule.
Unfair Cus Now i feel like a fool
Everything that’s happened and I’m still cool
With us
But you keep looking at butts
And feeling your nutts
I need to be able to trust
If you’re not willing to give me honestly and loyalty
I think that’s it. You’re done with me.
Go be free.
But you’ll regret it.
That I can guarantee.