Richmond Gellez Poems

  • 1.  
    Hope is Everything,
    Cause when hope fades, you'll be nothing, Nothing in thy mind,
  • 2.  
    It's hard that you keep being underestimated,
    People see you as an outsider, or far from their level. Racism under their state of mind,
  • 3.  
    Every day you wake up, every morning,
    Even tho you did not realize that it's still the same day, You realized that you're in a reoccurring cycle,
  • 4.  
    I'm tired of this relationship,
    A relationship that has no weight. Tired of all the days,
  • 5.  
    It looks like you've been smiling for too long,
    Can't control your own self, People don't know who you really are,
  • 6.  
    Every day you see your Scars,
    The scars that define your past, The scars that define what you are,
  • 7.  
    Living with a broken anxious mind,
    It's like living with an abomination in your mind, With tons of words popping through your mind,
  • 8.  
    Depression comes up whenever someone hurts you so bad,
    Comes from the words of those cruel people, And from those who physically abuse you.
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You are blind like us. Your hurt no man designed,
And no man claimed the conquest of your land.
But gropers both through fields of thought confined
We stumble and we do not understand.
You only saw your future bigly planned,
And we, the tapering paths of our own mind,
And in each others dearest ways we stand,
And hiss and hate. And the blind fight the blind.

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