One day someone asked me about friendship
I was too young to understand and yet I answered

The all relations which we build on our own ..
If you feel free to share about you with someone
If you feel free to share about your feelings with someone
If you can’t share something but you want them to ask about it
If you care for them
If you can think about their happiness
If you want to share your happiness with them
If you try to show that you don’t care always about them when they are around but you miss them when they are not around
If you want them to stay in your life for always…it’s friendship

After years long one day another person asked the same question again .. what do you say about friendship .. and I said above again in addition to below

It’s mutual and long term when the they also feel all the above same for you … and this stays for life long and we cherish it till we are alive in this universe.
We may not stay for long but our friendship stays in this universe even after us.

I wish everyone get atleast one friend :)