I want to cry ...
I'm tired of life
Beginning it sound so lovely
I never thought I would be in such a catastrophe

Endeavour all I do
Took my soul out
Throw it to the task
Won't even thought to move out.

I gave in my all,
Yet dismayed my heart got
For the result I got
Was terrific than I thought.

Collecting my broken sole in pieces
Guess what,
They weren't even willing to join
For the most expensive glue I bought
Yet I fought.

Fight is just so sexy,
From far of course
When you get it in, it take your heart and soul.
It was all lie I was not good enough
I said to my heart,
Now I certainly think those masses were right after all.

When I lost everything and got nothing
My brain wanted to cry
But guess what,
No tears were left in my eyes.

Never ever say that I never worked
Ok ok believe I never worked,
But why, why then comes tears in my eyes
When I read a poems or stories of successful guys

For all the talks and never walks I'm sorry for the masses may think
But I've given my all is the only thought made me to live
I promised myself once,
I would never give up
That was me with zero wounds and a hundred rounds
I laugh, how these words now seem to be very difficult to say, with a thousand wound and a zero round.

But, but I would never give up still I say
But it would take some time to cure my wounds