Who is Precious Moses

is a boy who hails from Ikwuano LGA in Abia state Nigeria, his a lover and writer of poems and frictions...
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  • Lies Of Entanglement
    Am a man whose smile were caged behind these iron bars of intense hatred
    freedom of movement was never a right for me,

    my joy were banned behind the spooky walls of lies, ...
  • Symphony Of Love
    The western cloud spreads forth
    with eagerness to see the smiling
    sun walking above the diamond sealed ocean
  • Missing Half
    Soaring through the
    heavy clouds,
    which bears my tears
  • Tears Of Agony
    My golden orb ache when I see the ocean been produced on your eyelids,

    my heart becomes sore when your sky painted eyes embraces the Rose
  • Last Days
    The day is a
    rope which pull the
    clouds away from boundless fountain
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