Rest your lips on mine,Allow me to be in your arms and let our souls touch and connect like connotations.
Let me be yours and I will make you mine, Let our hearts touch and intertwine, Let's make love tonight and forget about what troubled us today.
Let's make love tonight and leave your marks on me to be a reminder that you were here, You made me give you pleasure and you took while I got taken.

Gaze in my eyes and see the brave woman that I have become, We made love and I got fucked my mind was all over the place, you lead me on I got taken while you enjoyed and endured me with pain while you took and benefited your own needs,Let me welcome you to my complicated palace and complete the missing pieces, hold me tight and feel my rough toughen wounds, your kiss aroused my body to say it was alive, you're chemistry recharged my emotions and it developed feelings.

Sad part is, I'm here miserable while you mesmerised my level of Christianity,You changed and captured your masculinity,I hate living this way, I'm no God Sent but my beautiful imperfections are a saint. I have healed over the heard messages you sent, I have watched you from far and I went unnoticed, Im losing grief, dear God is all I'm doing and prayer became part of my praise Worship was killed by wisdom, attacked by love and stupidity.

You were harsh with me but I realised you were in a rush, you tossed me around and to your eyes it was thrilled, I set and came back to my senses that nooo, I was towed and trolled I was filled like fuel with a full tank but I could have refused to your refugees but now I'm carry like refuse. I told you that money can't buy me love, though I knew I was your last but I know we can stay and make it work though it's your last but I am here waiting for lust which I find myself being lost on the playlist….

Should I continue? it's the duplicate of diplomatic melodies, that keep me calm on my rhymes and rhythms that are in no sequence of no rhythm scheme, I'm frustrated in your romance but you instructed me to keep moving, I'm bored and you opened my pores to pour your humanity, I glanced and glared that all you did was humiliate me.

I think I need to stop to catch a breath, though I was caught drowning, drooling and drawing the images that are immigrated…..I can't see my vision though my virginity is a virus that can inflict infection to your affection, God, help me on This, because I'm fair when it comes to foul play I stand firm and flare the feathers of excruciating in my chest but it's okay I will keep serene.

I'm a beautiful mass that measured the level of psychological magic to my logic….Oh sorry yes I'm psychotic,This is pathetic but in my eyes it's poetic.
By Pony B.