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Paul Laurence Dunbar

Paul Laurence Dunbar Poems

  • 351.  
    I grew a rose once more to please mine eyes.
    All things to aid it-dew, sun, wind, fair skies-Were kindly; and to shield it from despoil,
  • 352.  
    I stand above the city's rush and din,
    And gaze far down with calm and undimmed eyes,To where the misty smoke wreath grey and dim
  • 353.  
    I had not known before
    Forever was so long a word.The slow stroke of the clock of time
  • 354.  
    The world is a snob, and the man who wins
    Is the chap for its money's worth:And the lust for success causes half of the sins
  • 355.  
    Seems lak folks is mighty curus
    In de way dey t'inks an' ac's.Dey jes' spen's dey days a-mixin'
  • 356.  
    Wen I git up in de mo'nin' an' de clouds is big an' black,
    Dey's a kin' o' wa'nin' shivah goes a-scootin' down my back;Den I says to my ol' ooman ez I watches down de lane,
  • 357.  
    With sombre mien, the Evening gray
    Comes nagging at the heels of Day,And driven faster and still faster
  • 358.  
    I's a-gittin' weary of de way dat people do,
    De folks dat's got dey ‘ligion in dey fiah-place an' flue;Dey's allus somep'n comin' so de spit'll have to turn,
  • 359.  
    You ‘ll be wonderin' whut 's de reason
    I 's a grinnin' all de time,An' I guess you t'ink my sperits
  • 360.  
    The moon begins her stately ride
    Across the summer sky;The happy wavelets lash the shore,-
  • 361.  
    With what thou gavest me, O Master,
    I have wrought.Such chances, such abilities,
  • 362.  
    Who dat knockin' at de do'?
    Why, Ike Johnson,-yes, fu' sho!Come in, Ike. I 's mighty glad
  • 363.  
    Because you love me I have much achieved,
    Had you despised me then I must have failed, But since I knew you trusted and believed,
  • 364.  
    Hit 's been drizzlin' an' been sprinklin',
    Kin' o' techy all day long.I ain't wet enough fu' toddy,
  • 365.  
    What dreams we have and how they fly
    Like rosy clouds across the sky; Of wealth, of fame, of sure success,
  • 366.  
    Dream on, for dreams are sweet:
    Do not awaken!Dream on, and at thy feet
  • 367.  
    Come away to dreamin' town,
    Mandy Lou, Mandy Lou,Whaih de skies don' nevah frown,
  • 368.  
    Pray, what can dreams avail
    To make love or to mar?The child within the cradle rail
  • 369.  
    Long years ago, within a distant clime,
    Ere Love had touched me with his wand sublime,I dreamed of one to make my life's calm May
  • 370.  
    An old man planted and dug and tended,
    Toiling in joy from dew to dew;The sun was kind, and the rain befriended;
  • 371.  
    In the east the morning comes,
    Hear the rollin' of the drums On the hill.
  • 372.  
    Place this bunch of mignonette
    In her cold, dead hand;When the golden sun is set,
  • 373.  
    Tell your love where the roses blow,
    And the hearts of the lilies quiver,Not in the city's gleam and glow,
  • 374.  
    I have seen full many a sight
    Born of day or drawn by night:Sunlight on a silver stream,
  • 375.  
    My neighbor lives on the hill,
    And I in the valley dwell,My neighbor must look down on me,
  • 376.  
    Let me close the eyes of my soul
    That I may not seeWhat stands between thee and me.
  • 377.  
    Jes' lak toddy wahms you thoo'
    Sets yo' haid a reelin',Meks you ovah good and new,
  • 378.  
    Storm and strife and stress,
    Lost in a wilderness,Groping to find a way,
  • 379.  
    A knock is at her door, but she is weak;
    Strange dews have washed the paint streaks from her cheek;She does not rise, but, ah, this friend is known,
  • 380.  
    I ‘ve been watchin' of 'em, parson,
    An' I ‘m sorry fur to say‘At my mind is not contented
  • 381.  
    De way t'ings come, hit seems to me,
    Is des' one monst'ous mystery;De way hit seem to strike a man,
  • 382.  
    Ain't nobody nevah tol' you not a wo'd a-tall,
    'Bout de time dat all de critters gin dey fancy ball?Some folks tell it in a sto'y, some folks sing de rhyme,
  • 383.  
    The gray dawn on the mountain top
    Is slow to pass away.Still lays him by in sluggish dreams,
  • 384.  
    An angel, robed in spotless white,
    Bent down and kissed the sleeping Night.Night woke to blush; the sprite was gone.
  • 385.  
    Want to trade me, do you, mistah? Oh, well, now, I reckon not,
    W'y you could n't buy my Sukey fu' a thousan' on de spot. Dat ol' mare o' mine?
  • 386.  
    Villain shows his indiscretion,
    Villain's partner makes confession.Juvenile, with golden tresses,
  • 387.  
    Mammy's in de kitchen, an' de do' is shet;
    All de pickaninnies climb an' tug an' sweat,Gittin' to de winder, stickin' dah lak flies,
  • 388.  
    “Good-bye,” I said to my conscience-
    “Good-bye for aye and aye,”And I put her hands off harshly,
  • 389.  
    Search thou my heart;
    If there be guile,It shall depart
  • 390.  
    Because I had loved so deeply,
    Because I had loved so long,God in His great compassion
  • 391.  
    The sky of brightest gray seems dark
    To one whose sky was ever white.To one who never knew a spark,
  • 392.  
    In the silence of my heart,
    I will spend an hour with thee,When my love shall rend apart
  • 393.  

  • 394.  
    Tim Murphy's gon' walkin' wid Maggie O'Neill,
    O chone!If I was her muther, I'd frown on sich foolin',
  • 395.  
    The snow lies deep upon the ground,
    And winter's brightness all aroundDecks bravely out the forest sere,
  • 396.  
    Ring out, ye bells!
    All Nature swellsWith gladness at the wondrous story,-
  • 397.  
    Step wid de banjo an' glide wid de fiddle,
    Dis ain' no time fu' to pottah an' piddle:Fu' Christmas is comin', it's right on de way,
  • 398.  
    It was Chrismus Eve, I mind hit fu' a mighty gloomy day-
    Bofe de weathah an' de people-not a one of us was gay;Cose you ‘ll t'ink dat 's mighty funny ‘twell I try to mek hit cleah,
  • 399.  
    Bones a-gittin' achy,
    Back a-feelin' col',Han's a-growin' shaky,
  • 400.  
    The cloud looked in at the window,
    And said to the day, “Be dark!”And the roguish rain tapped hard on the pane,
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