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  • 51.  
    Still I have not died, and still am not alone,
    while with my beggarwoman friendI take my pleasure from the grandeur of the plain
  • 52.  
    Beneath a veil of milky white
    Stands Isaac's like a hoary dovecote,The crozier irritates the grey silences,
  • 53.  
    When on the squares and in solitary silence
    We slowly go out of our minds,Brutal winter will offer us
  • 54.  
    As Psyche-Life goes down to the shades
    In a translucent forest in Persephone's tracks,A blind swallow falls at her feet
  • 55.  
    I feel the undefeated fear,
    In presence of the misty heights;I'm glad that swallows fly here
  • 56.  
    I am sorry it is winter now,
    And you can't hear mosquitoes in the house,But you reminded yourself
  • 57.  
    Rome is but nature's twin, which has reflected Rome.
    We see its civic might, the signs of its decorumIn the transparent air, the firmament's blue dome,
  • 58.  
    Just for joy, take from my palms
    A little sun, a little honey,As Persephone's bees commanded.
  • 59.  
    I don-t remember the word I wished to say.
    The blind swallow returns to the hall of shadow, on shorn wings, with the translucent ones to play.
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