Supreme guru I prostrate on your feet,
To confess my action of three doors,
I repent with great regret,
Which I accumulated,
knowingly or unknowingly,

From this door of my body,
I might have been merciless taking life,
Taking what was not given &
Indulges in unwise sexual,
Forgive me for being inhumane.

From this door of my speech,
I might have uttered lied to deceive,
Created misunderstanding to hurt &
Gathered for malicious talk,
Forgive me for being talkative in useless conservation.

From this door of my mind,
Craving desire in other properties,
Wishing misfortune to others &
Being deluded in reality & truth,
Forgive me for being narrow minded.

Being as a simple dharma practitioner & beginner,
People expect me to be very perfect, I tried to be one but
My bad karmic are very strong to suppress good &
Arises bad in me make people blame profound teaching,
Forgive me for not being a good practitioner.

Taking refuge in supreme guru,
Bless me and all alike,
Light me in this darkness
By your insight wisdoms &
Realized what is good & bad.