Sadness is a final decision
For the soul living in dungeon.

He's not shy, he's calm
Foolish at all, wise at risks
Again he's in pain
Hands on flame he can't scream
Fire in his heart but no break so
Sorrow in his eyes
I see pain in his every move
Struggling is a game, hustle is a cheat
And pain is a prize

No sleep for the overthinker and bad dreamer
Got no rest, he's walking through the night
Innocent is not a rank, obey is a fault
Got no answers, questions are his diet
Made no sin but criminal and thug are the names

Life is short, yes it is long for homeless
Snow is white, no it is black for blind
Tomorrow is unreachable, everyday is tomorrow
He count no days or years, in mind there's only today

Life is a sharp sword around his neck
One move, one second alive
No way to leave this mess, accept and face challenges
If sky is red, maybe stars are black
Red and black are only colors he can clearly see

Don't know him but he knows you too well
He is everywhere, the man of no where
Poor man around your home, the one you saw at street
At street struggling not waiting for the bus
He's sad, 'cause sorrow is the only thing he owns

You've got the blessings pots, he owns no one but a hot pan of pain in his hands.