Your cousin said I'm a crazy old man and she dumped me.
Well, I don't care if she thinks I'm crazy or pathetic.
If Renae were as crazy as I want her to be,
Then she'd gladly let me be the father of her first child.
Did she tell you what made her so mad at me?
She called me a damn liar because I didn't tell her I'm married.
But the truth is that she didn't ask me about it.
She cursed me and said she has nothing to do with me.

Renae gave away her cell phone to prevent me from calling her.
I tried to get in touch with her a number of times,
But every time I call her, you answer the phone.
You don't seem to mind discussing the subject with me.
Sometimes you even initiate the conversation.
Even though I still love her, I want you to take her place.
I don't want to do a foolish thing that might hurt her feelings,
But owing to the circumstance, I see no other option.

You didn't hesitate to say you're a 16-year-old virgin.
Your erotic voice gratifies me and I'm attracted to you.
And even though we haven't met face to face yet,
You seem to be the kind of girl that I'd like to impregnate.
I know it sounds very crazy to you at the moment,
But you won't feel the same way when we start a relationship.
I don't want to rush you into making a decision.
The best advice I can give you is to wait until you turn eighteen.

You think I'm crazy to want a child of my own so badly.
Well, maybe I'm crazy as you and Renae assert.
Have you thought about doing a crazy thing such as loving me?
I'm crazy enough to love you on the phone.
By the way, I thought you said you weren't interested in me.
Why do you call me and text me day and night?
I wonder which one of us is crazier than the other.
Maybe one of you crazy girls will have a baby for crazy, old me.