The idiot in Jamaica House and the commissioner of police with their delusional ideas are utterly confused.

They imagine that the best way to deal with the issue of crime is to declare what they call a limited state of public emergency in certain areas and empower the armed forces, but that will definitely not work.

If the prime minister and his colleagues want to reduce crime in the country, they should create more opportunities for the poor people to survive.

History proves that the use of power and force does not deter persons from crime and violence.
This unwise approach only strengthens the resistance.

Take the United States, for instance:
Nobody is afraid of the Americans, no matter how powerful they claim to be.
The stronger they get, the stronger the opposition gets.

As a matter of fact, the struggle against evil and oppression will never end, as long as unfairness and racism exist.

The government of Jamaica is taking advantage of the lower class.
It is the innocent people who suffer when the police and the military conveniently and unnecessarily besiege the communities of the ghettos.

The wrongdoers know when to leave certain areas and when to return.
And they know where to go to carry on with their illegal activities.

The people who work hard for a living and pay their taxes become victims of verbal abuse, physical abuse, intimidation, injustice and harassment by misguided police and soldiers.

Why should an entire community suffer because of a handful of lawless persons?
The police should find a better way to do their work without discommoding innocent people.
Is this the self-styled intelligence of the police?

The sinister parliamentarians are using the escalation of crime that they help to create to justify their evil deeds, namely to oppress and to violate the rights of the poor citizens of this country.

The upper class is spared from suspicion, embarrassment, unpleasantness and inconvenience, not because they are clean, law-abiding citizens, but because they are rich and they can pull strings.

I am sure the members of the police and the military are not better persons than the youths who they label as criminals.

Non-productive police and soldiers cannot offer a solution for the problems in this country.
All they do is exacerbate the problems.

How will setting up barricades and checkpoints all over the place and stopping vehicles and asking persons to produce their identification card help the country to progress?

They are doing an exercise in futility.
It is a deliberate obstruction of productivity.

This fruitless activity and obvious waste of time suit the government’s purpose because politicians will get more votes when the people remain in poverty and squalor.

The government swindles money from the people in the name of taxes and uses some of it to pay police and soldiers to assault, abuse, and murder poor people, and report piles of lies.

We definitely cannot trust the Jamaican police with anything.
They have not built a reputation for speaking the truth since the origin of their evil organization, and it will never happen.

They do much talk about fighting crime as if they do not know who the biggest criminals are.

Investigate the politicians, the wealthy investors, the owners of mansions, the religious leaders, the high-ranking officers, and other members of the armed forces.

Do the leaders know the pain that parents feel when someone kidnaps their child?
What are they doing about human trafficking?

The smuggling of guns, kidnapping, and drug trafficking are not the business of poor people.
Such illegalities are the business of politicians, aristocrats, the wealthy, dignitaries, and dirty cops.

The so-called honourable prime minister is presiding over a system of iniquity, deception, corruption, filth, discrimination, deprivation and institutionalized bad mindedness.

The satanic cabinet ministers and their bloodthirsty security force should desist from terrorizing our communities.

Stop murdering our children in the name of fighting crime!

They are using the so-called limited state of public emergency as a weapon against the underprivileged people.

It appears that the unscrupulous leaders have the wicked aim to turn the county into a police state.

This is absolute tyranny, antagonism and oppression!
And these things should not be happening in a democratic society.