For Stacy-Ann

Sexy eyes, you give me a thrill.
You’re a captivating woman,
And I mostly adore you.
Why do rivers run swiftly to the coast?
They go there for you,
Only you and your sweet, sexy eyes.
Every day I pray and wait,
Hoping that you’ll accept me.

When I’m lingering at your gate,
I don't mind if it gets late.
I’d like to take you on a date.
If you ask me to escort you,
I'll follow you wherever you go.
I can lighten your life.
Don’t keep your love from me;
I adore you and your sweet, sexy eyes.

Why does my heart pound?
It pulsates for you,
My sweet, sexy eyes.
I wish you knew what I’m going through.
When you’re away from me,
I can't get enough sleep.
I think about you so much,
My appetite is gone.

Give me your lips because I need you.
Sexy eyes, please help me,
I don’t know what to do.
Be my blushing bride.
Say you want my love,
And tell me that you’ll be mine.
Darling, I love you,
You and your sweet, sexy eyes.