For Stacy-Ann

How I miss my darling, Stacy-Ann.
She's a virtuous, old-fashioned woman.
I need her as I’ve needed no one else.
It’s the desire of my heart to be with her.
My feelings for her constantly haunt me.

I beg for the hour when I can see her again,
Just to be in her presence once more.
I long for the hands that used to hold me.
And I want to touch the lips I used to kiss.
I think about her beauty day after day.

I’ve carried the memories of her for years.
And I pray that one day before I die,
I can go back and marry the woman I love.
I miss my darling, Stacy-Ann, so much.
Honestly, I could never miss her more.

The longer she stays away from me,
The deeper my love for her becomes.
God, you know I love her, I love her.
I love my darling, Stacy-Ann, dearly.
And I’ll miss her until she returns to me.