A dreamer stole your heart a year ago.
You told me goodbye and ran off with him.
But I know that in time he will leave you.
And you will surely regret your decision.

You will have to face the heartache,
However unbearable things may get.
When you look at the ring in the casket,
You will remember our warm love.

Flo, I have travelled the world since you left.
I went to Paris to see the Eiffel Tower.
I walked along the busy streets in London.
And I toured the botanical parks in Peru.

Every month I go from port to airport.
And I have visited places for the first time.
My friends tell me to find another lover,
But you are the only girl my heart desires.

Darling, I have spent lonely nights in Berlin.
I saw a lady in Moscow who resembles you.
I called someone by the roadway in Israel,
For I could not believe it was not you.

I would like to get in touch with you.
And I long for a kiss from your sweet lips.
My tears reveal the hurt I feel inside.
Do you not have any sympathy for me?

Now at last in this faraway land I see you.
Finally my happiness has returned.
We are back together again, my love.
I knew that someday I would find you.

Time or destiny will not separate us;
Neither will circumstances keep us apart.
Darling, now that we are reunited,
Let no one take you away from me again.