I wake everyday with the sensation of hate;
I hate that I have no control of my fate.
I'm too young to get out and to witness what's free.
I'm only sixteen and too covered to flea.

I check the weather, and nothing ever matches.
The mood I'm feeling soon surpasses.
I crave the sun, then I crave the tears.
Then I crave to have many fewer years.

I get out of my bed and stumble down the stairs.
Avoiding the fridge, and my stomachs snares.
I fill up my water, and take in what's around.
The blank grey walls and the untouched ground.

I plop the prescription in my mouth,
Wishing I hadn't as it goes south.
The doctor says it gets rid of my swings,
But now I feel much less happy things.

The classes go by, yet the time will slow.
The feeling of loss will continue to grow.
I stare out the window, at the flowing trees.
Oh! How I wish I was one of his leaves.

When I walk home I watch passers by.
Their faces gleam and I wonder if they are liars.
What if they feel the exact same as me?
But I am too lazy to let out some glee.

Hope is when one loosens the rope,
But each day it tightens and I can’t cope.
I ignore my dad and I yell at my mom.
Is it my fault what I have become?

I try each day to love everything.
But when I look around it's all disgusting.
The cheating, the hurting, the selfish lies’
The bleeding, the taunting, and unjust cries.

So I'll hurt myself until I bleed,
With each mark a piece of me freed.
The cuts, burns, scars have all been witnessed.
Each cry for help was all dismissed.

One day I'm sure I will be loved,
When they cry for me from up above.
The spark in my soul will return,
As I watch the love I finally earned.

I’ll be with them each day,
How I wished they would have when I chose to stay.
I will still wince at the way I was treated,
But I’ll die once more if another is cheated.