(1) Till the End of Time

Show empathy and kindness to humanity
Love for all, abhorrence for none,
That is how we uphold peace.

Life's not for war, bigotry & hostility
Treat people with virtue as one
Spend in charity not negative things.

The trespassers never thrive throughout eternity!
Serve humanity, all to be done
Likewise forbid evil, and enjoin justice.

(2) There is a Promise I Make

I pledge to resist racial prejudice,
An insidious virus afflicting all around
Racial trouble and savagery, ruining humanity.

All people, regardless of their nascence
Right most, all should be unbiased
In truth, there is no superiority.

Respect is due for whatever race
Injustice carries on, until racism demolished
All God's creation are our priority.

(3) The Voice

Why not hearken to the voice?
You are as unyielding as wanton,
But why temptable, and not temperate?

Yoruba has taught me unerring things
Bad manners aye make one none
Worldly opulence is nothing but bait.

Believe God's plan & follow your dreams
Whatever setbacks, you just go on
Yours is victory, don't forget that.

(4) Hope, Unity, Love, and Peace in the Age of the Pandemic

Amidst the mystified hell and solicitude
In this miserable time of crisis,
We all should hope for solidarity.

In solidarity, we have to stand
With all our noblest & deadliest peacemakers.
Again, there'd be love for humanity!

Without overlooking Hope, Unity, Love, indeed
All human beings will find Peace
Indisputably, amid this crisis in totality.

(5) Messengers of Peace

They, too, are messengers of peace,
Indelible reformers of heroism and nobility
Bred but to spread peace around.

In service of God for oneness
Bliss for the world and humanity,
The hope for every soul, dismayed.

Behold the poets and their muse!
Totally, they too are of amity
Inking quills & parchments in this world.

(6) Begone Yoke!

Why abusing the brightly future leaders?
Okay, aren't they human, I ask?
Are they culpable, and not mild?

Or why imposing upon their innocence?
And purposes and value to bask?
Whether not belong to this world?

Again, do they not deserve rights?
What? Their divine aspirations to mask?
Once again, can't they be empowered?

(7) A Bond that Refuses to Die

We are, but a sole brotherhood,
Let us nourish oneness of humanity
To live in strength and progression.

Life is humane and benignant indeed,
That is, with love and amity
Whosoever wants peace in the creation.

Those who cultivate it are blessed,
Why would God deny the utility?
Lofty boon is for the edification.

(8) Barbarities and Cross-fertilization

Peace and war are not relatable
Evil for war, good for peace
So, forbid evil and wrongful transgression.

Edify people that war is unpalatable
Spread peace, a service to folks,
Prove humanity is a single nation.

Strive to advocate peace, so imperturbable
Peacemakers do ably restrain all barbarities
Ever to uphold peace — their mission.

(9) The Peace of God

Peace! You're blissful, we want you
In our hearts, on the planet
Truly, you will make humanity free.

Inasmuch as there is peace true,
This wide world encumbered with torment
Positively will always know upbeat glee.

The Peace of God is due
Primal, and excels all conventions, steadfast
It will flourish in us copiously.

(10) So That We Can Breathe

Terrorism, a continued threat to humanity,
Must be combated, must be precluded
We want peace, don't want violence.

Man horrified of the intrinsic ferocity,
Why killings, hijackings, kidnappings? All dreaded!
Throughout the world, scourge in abundance.

Wary of the archfiend crushing dignity.
The peace must espouse the mankind,
May the peace illuminate the universe.

© Lukman Nurudeen Adeniyi