I was just a goon with the booze,
Thinking suicide for the snooze,
Rather not tie the golden noose,
Broken bones they had to choose,
Be that staggering dying moose,
The next art piece to amuse,
Don't need to be so confused,
My heart with these scarring bruises,
Dear Momma for my heart tattoo,
Living this life was to refused,
I'm not making any damn excuse,
Just let me die alone in my shoes,
Tired of 12 years of depression and abuse,
This life I wanna give, I wanna lose,
Drinking the whole flask, fuck a queue,
I wasn't even close to real,
Drinking liquor for the heal,
Lost my closed loved souls,
Intoxicated with my madness,
I'm in love with my sadness,
The reasons why I'm laughing,
Well depressed gloomy flashes,
White doves, Fallen ashes,
Beaten with the whiplash,
Yelling from the stinging lashes,
Hard counted blunt bashes,
Ripped opened gory gashes,
Tiny droplets from the sashes,
No I don't need no bandage,
To suffer is for the language,
Chained up, beaten with the bat,
Sad moments with Flap Jack,
MAKs, the loaded fiending gats,
Gnashed on the teeth from the splat,
Hammer knocking, gold ice,
Spent shells, clinging chimes,
Red flying in the sky,
Ripped flesh from the bind,
The medicine of his demise,
Red oatmeal in the dark scarred night,
Scavenging dogs, worms, the maggots and flies,
Body getting thicken by as time fly,
To tell you that I'm always alright.