Langston Hughes Poems

  • 51.  
    I would liken you
    To a night without stars Were it not for your eyes.
  • 52.  
    Now dreams
    Are not available To the dreamers,
  • 53.  
    My name is Johnson--
    Madam Alberta K. The Madam stands for business.
  • 54.  
  • 55.  
  • 56.  
  • 57.  
    When I was home de
    Sunshine seemed like gold.When I was home de
  • 58.  
    Snow has friz me,
    Sun has baked me,
  • 59.  
    I went down to the river,
    I set down on the bank.I tried to think but couldn't,
  • 60.  
    My old mule,
    He's gota grin on his face.He's been a mule so long
  • 61.  
    I work all day,
    Said Simple John,Myself a house to buy.
  • 62.  
    In an envelope marked:
    PERSONALGod addressed me a letter.
  • 63.  
    In the dark,Found light
  • 64.  
    When I get to be a composer
    I'm gonna write me some music aboutDaybreak in Alabama
  • 65.  
    Let the rain kiss you
    Let the rain beat upon your head with silver liquid dropsLet the rain sing you a lullaby
  • 66.  
    It would be nice
    In any case,To someday meet you
  • 67.  
    We passed their graves:
    The dead men there,Winners or losers,
  • 68.  
    Only dumb guys fight.
    If I wasn't dumbI wouldn't be fightin'.
  • 69.  
    We do not care-
    That much is clear.Not enough
  • 70.  
    Iâ??m all alone in this world, she said,
    Ainâ??t got nobody to share my bed, Ainâ??t got nobody to hold my handâ??
  • 71.  
    Bring me all of your dreams,
    You dreamer,Bring me all your
  • 72.  
    Well, son, I'll tell you:
    Life for me ain't been no crystal stair.It's had tacks in it,
  • 73.  
    He glides so swiftly
    Back into the grass-Gives me the courtesy of road
  • 74.  
    I take my dreams and make of them a bronze vase
    and a round fountain with a beautiful statue in its center.And a song with a broken heart and I ask you:
  • 75.  
    dark way
    That I had to climb, that I had to know In order that the race might live and grow.
  • 76.  
    In places like
    Selma, Alabama,Kids say,
  • 77.  
    The instructor said,

  • 78.  
    I got to leave this town.
    Itâ??s a lonesome place.Got to leave this town cause
  • 79.  
    Big Boy came
    Carrying a mermaid On his shoulders
  • 80.  
    Let it be the pioneer on the plainSeeking a home where he himself is free.
  • 81.  
    That Justice is a blind goddess
    Is a thing to which we black are wise:Her bandage hides two festering sores
  • 82.  
    This is a song for the genius child.
    Sing it softly, for the song is wild. Sing it softly as ever you can -
  • 83.  
    I know I am
    The Negro ProblemBeing wined and dined,
  • 84.  
    I dream a world where man
    No other man will scorn,Where love will bless the earth
  • 85.  
    Is a ripe plumGrowing on a purple tree.
  • 86.  
    Way Down South in Dixie
    (Break the heart of me)They hung my black young lover
  • 87.  
    The gold moth did not love him
    So, gorgeous, she flew away.But the gray moth circled the flame
  • 88.  
    Down in the bass
    That steady beatWalking walking walking
  • 89.  
    Hold fast to dreams
    For if dreams dieLife is a broken-winged bird
  • 90.  
    Let's go see Old Abe
    Sitting in the marble and the moonlight,Sitting lonely in the marble and the moonlight,
  • 91.  
    Dear dream of utter aliveness-Touching my body of utter death-
  • 92.  
    I've known rivers:
    I've known rivers ancient as the world and older than the flow of human blood in human veins
  • 93.  
    When a man starts out with nothing,
    When a man starts out with his handsEmpty, but clean,
  • 94.  
    The ivory gods,
    And the ebony gods,And the gods of diamond and jade,
  • 95.  
    Droning a drowsy syncopated tune,
    Rocking back and forth to a mellow croon, I heard a Negro play.
  • 96.  
    I've known rivers:
    I've known rivers ancient as the world and older than the flow of human blood in human veins.
  • 97.  
    The calm,
    Cool face of the riverAsked me for a kiss.
  • 98.  
    When the old junk man Death
    Comes to gather up our bodiesAnd toss them into the sack of oblivion,
Total 98 poems written by Langston Hughes

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