Those days when life collapse,
A cold lonely reflection cast all over,
Having no mercy on the lives that was taken,
Getting calls of hope slipping away,
Getting hit all at once falling off track,
Hearing voices going towards hidden danger line,
Standing on the roof top screaming,
To the choir but only silence deceive,
Spirals as I ache,
Afraid to lose control blacken out my soul.

A black hole rips open in my chest,
Hearing from people that was around you,
That you took your final step,
Taking your last breath,
During that time of the unholiness,
No one got to see you take,
You're final journey,
With the wounds still bleeding,
It was dreadfully hard to say goodbye,
Your spirit won't be in darkness,
Won't be forgotten until my,
Final curtain call.

I pick up this pen to write this lullaby,
Memories of the past bleeding across my mind,
Thoughts we share through out our lives,
Cries out with these scars left unsaid,
Staring up at the night sky,
Thinking like a court jester,
Making sure those smiles won't fade,
Trying my hardest not to fall,
Or fearing the unknown.

The beauty of life has been damage,
By a deadly disease that stopped the world,
That took the light and casing darkness,
Taking souls leaving empty shells,
Lying in a hole of dirt,
Robbing pieces of my damage heart,
Day after day reality hits dreadfully,
In the end I'm still here,
As long as there breath in me,