What Wor It? Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


What wor it made me love thee lassA
Aw connot tellB
Aw know it worn't for thi brassA
Tho' poor miselB
Aw'd moor nor thee aw think if owtC
An what aw had wor next to nowtC
Aw didn't love thi 'coss thi faceD
Wor fair to seeE
For tha wor th' plainest lass i'th' placeD
An as for meE
They called me nooasy long legs walkin propF
An sed aw freetened customers throo th' shopF
Aw used to read i' Fairy booksG
Ov e'en soa breetC
Ov gowden hair angelic looksG
An smiles soa sweetC
Aw used to fancy when aw'd older grownH
Aw'd claim some lovely Fairy for mi ownH
An weel aw recollect that neetC
'Twor th' furst o'th' yearI
Aw tuk thi hooam soaked throo wi' sleetC
An aw'd a fearI
Lest th' owd man's clog should give itsen a treatC
An be too friendly wi' mi britches seeatC
What fun they made when we went inJ
They cried Yo're catchedC
An then thi mother sed i'th' midst o'th' dinJ
They're fairly matchedC
An beauty's in th' beholder's e'e they sayK
An they've booath been gooid childer onywayL
An then aw saw a little tearM
Unbidden flowB
That settled it for then an thearM
Aw seemed to knowB
'At we wor meant to share each others lotC
An Fancy's Fairies all could goa to potC
Full thirty years have rolled awayL
Sin that rough timeN
What won mi love aw connot sayL
But this is mineO
To know mi greatest prize on earth is theeE
But pray whativver made thee fancy meE

John Hartley


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