Let's mak a gooid start, nivver fear
What grum'lers an growlers may say;
That nivver need cause yo a tear,
For whear ther's a will ther's a way.
If yo've plenty to ait an to drink,
Nivver heed, though yor wark may be rough;
If yo'll nobbut keep hooapful, aw think,
Yo'll find th' way to mend plain enuff.

If yor temper gets saar'd an cross,
An yor mind is disturbed an perplext;
Or if troubled wi' sickness an loss,
An yor poverty maks yo feel vext; -
Nivver heed! for its fooilish to freeat
Abaat things at yo connot prevent;
An i'th futer ther may be a treeat,
'At'll pay for all th' sad days you've spent,

I' this new life beginnin, - who knows
What for each on us may be i' stoor?
For th' river o' Time as it flows,
Weshes th' threshold o' ivvery man's door.
At some it leeavs little, may be,
An at others deposits a prize;
But if yo be watchful yo'll see
Ther's a trifle for each one 'at tries.

Ther's a time booath to wish an decide; -
For a chap at ne'er langs nivver tews; -
If yo snuff aght ambition an pride,
Yo sink a chap's heart in his shoes,
Wish for summat 'at's honest an reight,
An detarmine yo'll win it or dee!
Yo'll find obstacles slink aght o'th gate,
An th' black claads o' daat quickly flee.

Young men should seek labor an gains,
Old men wish for rest an repose; -
Young lasses want brave, lovin swains,
An hanker for th' finest o' clooas.
Old wimmin, - a cosy foirside,
An a drop o' gooid rum i' ther teah;
Little childer, a horse they can ride,
Or a dolly to nurse o' ther knee.

One thing a chap cant do withaat,
Is a woman to share his estate;
An mooast wimmen, ther isn't a daat,
Think life a dull thing baght a mate.
Ther's a sayin booath ancient an wise,
An its one at should be acted upon; -
Yo'll do weel, to accept its advice, -
To, "Begin as yo meean to goa on."