Faithfulness is consistency in action

On God’s part

It's the consistency

Of honoring His word

The consistency of

His love for us

On our part,

It's the consistency

Of stilling our hearts

In trust & confidence

In the One we call

Abba Father

Faithfulness is the

Loyalty to willingly place

Him first: above all else

Because it is impossible

To serve two opposing masters-

One will always be betrayed

And we will be

Dismayed, disappointed & disheartened

So we pledge our loyalty

To God who made our history

And in everything

Aim to glorify Him

For without our faithful loyalty

We will be a ship

Wavering & unsteady

And when the wind blows

Tossing us about

From pain to hopelessness

Soon to be consumes whole

We'll be left walking

Around with

No hope and no heart

Trying to cling on

To anyone and anything

When all we needed

Was to call on the One that

always answers

To say “peace be still”

And quiet the storm

So I'll take a stand

On the One

I can stand upon

My firm Foundation

My reliable Rock

On which I lay my life

On which my faith will lie

I’ll take His hand

As He takes mine

And as He’s faithful

To never let go,

I also will never let go

For His hands are

Mighty and strong

Gentle and comforting

So when all

My good parts

Are thrown in the

Oven of trials and temptations,

I'll sit and bake

Trusting that the

Chief Baker, the Chief Maker

Is making a

New creation in me

And soon, new faith

Will be birthed from

The extreme heat

Of the oven

So come all and

Surrender in faith

To our Jehovah Shammah

And let His Spirit

Pour out a new revival

We are too busy

Playing revolution

That we revolt against

The only good left

We're too busy starting revolutions

That everyone’s a revolutionary

But I tell you

That even this revolution

Will tremble at His name.

And the revival of God’s church,

God’s chosen people

Is the only revolution

I will bet on!

For the Leader

Never fails and never will

But our human powers

Always have a limit

And often fails before it

So I'll put my faith

In the One I cannot see

For this is my conviction

It's where my hope lies

The source of the

Living water flowing

Through me

Sustaining me

I will put my faith

In the One that

Will never break a promise

In the consistency of

My yesterday, today & tomorrow.