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Teacher Hiam, Terhile was born on 17th June, 1983 in Benue State, Nigeria. He studied Education at the University of Abuja, Nigeria. He is a full time high school teacher. Tchr. Hiam Terhile is married to Lady Patricia and they are blessed with three children....
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Hiam Terhile Poems

  • A Dry Summer Day
    It was time of supper
    A treat for the summer,
    One could afford no matter
    Should none be call'd a Father. ...
  • Aborted Heroes
    At the middle of the time at dawn
    Woke I at the heart a major town
    Happy was I to press my pen down
    Hardly were my ears itchy drawn ...
  • You
    The world may have taken all from you
    And all may seem to have gone from you
    But the extraordinary thing about you
    Is the resilience I have beheld in you ...
  • The End Is Here
    Today I am troubadour
    And I am willing to traverse.
    I said to my mind
    Rest assured behind ...
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