Meeting you was a coincidence
You said ‘Hi'
I replied with ‘Hello'
We became friends

You break my boredom
Call me
Text me
Always hope to hear from me

Longest call was from you
Midnight call was from you
Strange feelings was from you
Deep thinking was also from you

Checking my phone for your call
Reading our chats all over again
Anxious to see you online
Happy to hear from you

My phone beeps
Your name blinks
Were you also thinking
I'm still wondering

Late in the night,sound asleep
I stood up to check
The him was from my phone
Your name shown

You took me to another world
A world of hope
You erased my negative thoughts
Made me a great mind

Now a stranger
Talk and greet casually
Messages stopped
Feelings hurt

I muster up courage
Asked you what went wrong
To amend my ways
You said all was fine

Back in those days
I will be checking your 'last seen'
Call when I'm bored
Couldn't believe all have stopped

What could've happened?
I really don't know
You gave me nice memories
Thanks for that

How I wish
They weren't left in the past
If I should make a wish
You shall be wished