A lot of words in friendship
That may sank like a ship
The misunderstanding we make
Made us break

Every steps made you farther away
It's like you're telling me to go away
Making us go the other way
We both reach our hand to hold
But i guess we're just too cold
I know we are too old
but this misunderstanding made us bold.
I want to approach you like i used to
My mind keeps stopping me " what should I do?"
It bothers me "should i not or should i go"?
And maybe this is the right time to let it go.

I get to know you in a short amount of time
Fate may made us blind
For you and i keep making that line.

The same line that keep us apart
But I won't forget your part
For you were once carved in my heart.

Remember the song we used to sing together ,
Those will be treasured forever .
And just like fever , everything will get better.

Every moment that we wonder,now goes under .
Seeing them with you
Make me wanna wish it should be me too
All i can do is watch it go.
I don't even know if the feelings are mutual
Im immune with this emotion as usual.
Whether this is right or wrong
I don't want to take this long
I just want to thank you for coming along.