Georg Trakl Poems

  • 51.  
    Far on the hill flute-sounds.
    Fauns lurk in the marshes,
  • 52.  
    In the spiritâ??s solitary hours
    It is lovely to walk in the sun Along the yellow walls of summer.
  • 53.  
    When snow falls against the window,
    Long sounds the evening bell... For so many has the table
  • 54.  
    A pious song came to me here:
    You simple heart, you holy blood,
  • 55.  
    I saw myself go through abandoned rooms.
    - The stars danced crazily on blue ground,
  • 56.  
    Evening Song
    At evening, when we walk on dark trails,
  • 57.  
    Probably around the deep midday,
    I lay on an old stone,
  • 58.  
    When in the hell of self-created sufferings
    Cruelly indecent pictures plague him -
  • 59.  
    Towards Evening, My Heart
    The screeching of bats at evening.
  • 60.  
    An animal face in the brown green
    Glows shyly to me, the bushes smolder.
  • 61.  
    The wild heart grew white in the forest;
    Dark anxiety Of death, as when the gold
  • 62.  
    Sun sets purple,
    Swallow has already flown far off.
  • 63.  
    Face to face with the fire-abyss,
  • 64.  
    At the Moor
    Wanderer in the blackened wind. Dry reeds whisper
  • 65.  
    At my windows the night weeps -
    The night is mute, the wind probably weeps, The wind, like a lost child -
  • 66.  
    Oh the nighttime beating of the soulâ??s wings:
    Herders of sheep once, we walked along the forests that were growing dark,
  • 67.  
    Blackish the step follows the gleaming moon
    In the autumnal garden,
  • 68.  
    A wind is blowing! The green lights
    Sing extinguished - large and satiated
  • 69.  
    With the ghostly shapes of dead heroes
    Moon, you fill The growing silence of the forest,
  • 70.  
    O spiritual reunion
    In old autumn.
  • 71.  
    Not your dark poisons again,
    White sleep! This fantastically strange garden
  • 72.  
    A blue brook, path and evening along decayed huts.
    Behind dark shrubbery children play with blue and red balls;
  • 73.  
    Over the forests the moon
    Gleams pale, makes us dream,
  • 74.  
    Sleep and death, the dusky eagles
    Around this head swoop all night long; Eternityâ??s icy wave
  • 75.  
    On dark benches they sit packed
    And lift extinguished looks
  • 76.  
    The house is empty. Fall in the room.
  • 77.  
    In Red Foliage Full of Guitars
    In red foliage full of guitars
  • 78.  
    The blue night has softly risen on our foreheads.
    Quietly our putrid hands touch
  • 79.  
    Gone and passed is the gold of day,
    And the eveningâ??s brown and blue: Silenced the shepherdâ??s tender flute
  • 80.  
    The fountain sings, the clouds stand

  • 81.  
    The stranger on the way - we look at each other

  • 82.  
    At evening the autumn woodlands ring
    With deadly weapons. Over the golden plainsAnd lakes of blue, the sun
  • 83.  
    The wind, which moves purple treetops,

  • 84.  
    Often I listen full of horror at the door

  • 85.  
    He truly loved the purple sun, descending from the hills,
    The ways through the woods, the singing blackbirdAnd the joys of green.
  • 86.  
    Toward evening you hear the cry of the bats.
    Two b l a c k h o r ses bound in the pasture,The red maple rustles,
  • 87.  
    In the green ether suddenly a star flickers

  • 88.  
    In Venice

  • 89.  
    Dark interpretation of the water: broken forehead in the mouth of the night,

  • 90.  
    Very bright tones in the thin winds,

  • 91.  
    Soft life grows in the stillness

  • 92.  
    O the dwelling in the stillness of the dusking garden,

  • 93.  
    Dark interpretation of the water: stars in the mouth of the night,

  • 94.  
    The Rats

  • 95.  
    Rockets drizzle in the yellow sunshine;

  • 96.  
    The Ravens

  • 97.  
    It is a light, that the wind has extinguished.
    It is a pub on the heath, that a drunk departs in the afternoon.It is a vineyard, charred and black with holes full of spiders.
  • 98.  
    The colored pictures which life paints,

  • 99.  
    Oh, the great city's madness when at nightfall
    The crippled trees gape by the blackened wall,The spirit of evil peers from a silver mask;
  • 100.  
    A man who walks in the black wind; the dry reeds
    rustle quietlyThrough the silence of the marshy pastures. In
Total 136 poems written by Georg Trakl

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For miles around.

The air is blue and sweet,
The few first stars are white,-
Oh let me like the birds

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