Georg Trakl Poems

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  • 2.  
    From deep night I was released.
    My soul is astonished in immortality,
  • 3.  
    I go into the evening,
    The wind jogs along and sings: You are bewitched by every light,
  • 4.  
    Often I hear your steps
    Ring through the alley.
  • 5.  
    Over nocturnal dark floods
    I sing my sad songs, Songs which bleed like wounds.
  • 6.  
    The sun paints courtyard and walls with autumn,
    The fruit stacked in heaps all around,
  • 7.  
    Send your flames to the spirit, when it endures,
    Imprisoned sighs in black midnight,
  • 8.  
    You dark mouth inside me,
    You are strong , shape Composed of autumn cloud,
  • 9.  
    The girlfriend juggling with green flowers
    Plays in moony gardens -
  • 10.  
    These mountains: blackness, silence, and snow.
    The red hunter climbs down from the forest; Oh the mossy gaze of the wild thing.
  • 11.  
    An eternal light glows dark-red,
    A heart so red, in sin's pressure!
  • 12.  
    In Darkness
    In blue spring the soul falls silent.
  • 13.  
    I have once seen passing-by
    A face rich with pain,
  • 14.  
    An old path goes along
    Near wild gardens and lonesome walls.
  • 15.  
    The blue soul has mutely closed,
    In the open window the brown forest sinks,
  • 16.  
    Seven-Song of Death
    So dawns the blue face of spring. Beneath the suckling trees
  • 17.  
    Rosy mirror: an ugly image
    That appears in the black background,
  • 18.  
    When the evening breathes golden rest
    Forest and dark meadow before which
  • 19.  
    Huts of childhood are in autumn,
    Decayed hamlet; dark shapes,
  • 20.  
    Flowers scattered blue and white
    Aspire cheerfully upon the ground.
  • 21.  
    The Sun
    Each day the yellow sun rises over the hill.
  • 22.  
    n pines a migration of crows flutters away
    And green evening fogs rise
  • 23.  
    An army of vermin, mice, rats
    Romps in the hallway which shimmers in the moonlight.
  • 24.  
    Like the wild organs of the winter storm
    Is the people gloomy rage, The purple billow of battle
  • 25.  
    In the Spring
    Your black footsteps whisper into the snow.
  • 26.  
    At evening jugglers travel through the forest
    On quaint wagons, small steeds.
  • 27.  
    A whiff of feverish poisonous plants
    Makes me dream in moony dusks, And quietly I feel entwined, embraced,
  • 28.  
    Once more following the blue grief of the evening
    Down the hill, to the springtime fishpondâ?? As if the shadows of those dead for a long time were
  • 29.  
    The night has risen over the rumpled forehead
    With beautiful stars
  • 30.  
    The dark eagles, sleep and death,
    Rustle all night around my head: The golden statue of man
  • 31.  
    A sultry garden stood the night.
    We kept silent ourselves about what grips us horribly.
  • 32.  
    At evening jugglers travel through the forest
    On quaint wagons, small steeds.
  • 33.  
    In the dark many bird voices call,
    The trees and the springs murmur noisily,
  • 34.  
    Ruby-veins crept into the foliage.
    Then the pond was calm and wide.
  • 35.  
    A paleness, resting in the shadow of decayed staircases -
    It rises at night in silver guise
  • 36.  
    The song of the spring rain is dark in the night,
    Under the clouds the showers of rosy pear blossoms
  • 37.  
    So ghostly are these late days
    Just like the look of sick people, sent here
  • 38.  
    The ominous anger of masses of men
    Is like the wild organ of the winter storm, The purple surge of battle,
  • 39.  
    Under the trimmed willows, where brown children
    are playing And leaves tumbling, the trumpets blow. A quaking
  • 40.  
    Now I step through the slender gate!
    Promiscuous step in the avenues Drifts away and quiet waft of words
  • 41.  
    The blueness dies out in my eyes tonight,
    the red gold of my heart. O how still the light burns! Your cloak of sadness encircles the long descent.
  • 42.  
    A faun-cry romps through sparks,
    In the parks cascades of light foam,
  • 43.  
    To Karl Borromaus Heinrich
    Over the white fishpond
  • 44.  
    My brother, let us go more silent!
    The streets darken placidly.
  • 45.  
    A scent of myrrh which roams in the twilight.
    Plazas red and desolate sink in fume.
  • 46.  
    The last, pale light went from the day,
    The early passions have rustled down, The holy wine of my joys spilled
  • 47.  
    Rotten stone towers sultrily warmed.
    Yellow haze of incense hovers.
  • 48.  
    Dreamless sleep - the dusky Eagles
    nightlong rush about my head, man's golden image drowned
  • 49.  
    The Fall of the Deserted
    The dark fall swells with fruit and abundance,
  • 50.  
    Lend your flame to the spirit, glowing gloom;
    Sighing the head rises into midnight,
Total 136 poems written by Georg Trakl

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