Can't tolerate it, my mind is tweakin out
So hell yes my nigga, I'm sneakin out.
Before I flip out
Let me go get tripped out
And let this chron take over my soul
I'll be better dealin with your shit after I hit this bowl...
I told myself I was useless when we decided it was over
I guess I forgot how unhappy you made me, we wasn't kosher.
But that was 10 minutes ago & I was sober.
Yeah, #ImHighNow, & 10 minutes older
And took 8 of those minutes to holla at my peace & great things holder
And now this inner love thing's more colder.
If you don't need me, there's no point in remaining in your face.
If you ready to leave without me spitting in your face
Shit, now's the time, it's safe cuz
I don't want your emotional abuse.
I'm ending your hold, you no longer have the juice.
I went through it, I lost my shit, & I tweaked out.
Every 5 minutes, it's like I have to sneak out.

It's too many of you, I'm tweaking out!
Gossip amongst yadamnselves, I'm sneaking out!
Let me go outside & surround myself with niggas like me who stay tripped out
And too good to be wide open so they sneakily slip out.
I can better shoot the shit easier with this L oh boy passed me
And I'm more tolerant of all these stupid questions these drunk niggas gone ask me.
It's free loud weed, now this shit is clutch!
Let me see if I'm silly enough to stand in here & be judged.
I mean, judge me by what you see, it's normal.
But unless the shit you say is said to me, I'm sticking to my morals.
Talk is cheap but fuck that, my attention's still not sold
And my attitude to all of y'all present will remain cold.
I wish niggas would learn how looks can be deceiving
But I ain't sticking around to teach it or show it cuz I was just leaving
I don't want your damn social abuse,
Yeah, nigga #ImHighNow
And I could leave nicely with a made up excuse
But #ImHighNow
And I'm dippin cuz all y'all's presence & this rum & juice
Mixed with this tree makes me puke!
I went through it, lost my shit, & I tweaked out!
Every 5 minutes, it's like I must sneak out

©Frank Nazty May 2017