Or should i scream!
here in the kitchen the sound of steam
feels like a sting
iam a man of steel
this heat is probably melting my heart to fluid steel

thinking of my time in jail,
feels like iam still in chains
guilt is still in my veins
but thuggery and gangsterism are no longer my ways
for half my life,jail guards have hunted,
my soul, the way demons haunted,
and now at 42 i need a team
to wipe away my tear
smear my lips with cream
scratch all my worries with vim
give me a bouquet of happiness,cheers!

Was it rape?
I wanted sex without protection
i offered her $20 for i knew her proffession,
she protested
i told her'iam not the minister of finance
i just want a feel of your fine ass'
with her bum on my palms
and her weight on my arms
i could feel heaven on my door as i rock and roll,and slide inside a warm and wet woman's canal,
tap!tap!tap!i could feel heaven call my name as i released the gate valves of my manhood,i was the bedroom Robin Hood,i slept like a baby,
in the morning i was back to my thing with a sting,
i said'girl,your hands on the chair,
and your butt in the air'
iam a serial killer rapist,
but iam no racist
and so i insist
even a punk priest
would not resist
this star from the east,

i took the game with the pace of a road runner
i was laying beside her long black curly hair,panting like a marathon runner from Ghana,
when i realised she was crying without a sound
this was my victim number 13 after Maud,
'Jack Jones,you have raped me,you pay me pretty or you do jail time'she was blackmailing me,
it was friday the 13th 1997,

she was demanding $13 000,
from a mere civil servant,
human albino body parts in dollars
were worth $7 000
on the black market in Domus,
the best way to defend is to attack,
this was the morning of my wedding,and this blackmailing was an attack,
'the best defender of yourself is yourself',Malcom X once said,

blackmailing me was like a
Japanesse attack on pearl habour,
i sent her to heaven and
dont ask me how,
because i have no answers,
it was a chess move
i sent her to her ancestors,
a place of no bills to pay
i buried her in my garden without regreat or pain,
but i could not bury the crime
i believed i was relieved
but i was shaking like a leaf as if i was bereaved

yo!girl,i killed you not because of hate
i feared the law and heat,from hell
i raped you,you hit my feelings and i heated like an engine,
you are the 8th wonder of the world after the majestic victoria falls,
i know your body in my garden is now humus,
iam giving you a beauty accollade post humously,

our father who art in heaven
if tomorrow starts with me by the heaven's gates
please do not be mad at me
i was trying to defend myself
Sandawana could not befriend myself any longer,

we all live to die
and go to heaven someday
please forgive my sins Lord
as i leave this hospital bed
either dead or alive,