Its Tuesday
eating meat raw,
means war,
i.c.c comes later,
i see,see, and see more dead buddies,laying all over the empty streets
with bullets,flying over our dead bodies,
is this the only avenue for a better tomorrow?
on death row,
on my last meal,
give me bone marrow,
a death sentence
comes with treason,
everything comes with a reason,
as much as flowers come in their season,
you are fucked!
do not act God,
you are a mere civil servant,
your tongue is forked,
you are no good,
does it mean you are a serpent,?

On Wednesday,
jounalists are on the streets,
scribbling about the lifeless on the streets,
if i get a rifle
should i do what Oswald did to John F Kennedy?
if i get in a scuffle
should i scatter the contents of your skull
to feed the inmates in my kennel?
i hate the devils with a passion,
They are looters and thieves let's take action,

on Thursday,
i see,see more dead bodies
will bullet holes on their bodies,
this is our land,
lets fight to the end,
we can only stop an attack with an attack,
like Al qaeda bees and scorpions they attack,
we can not be lonely little trees,
in the orchard anymore!
On Friday,
when we die,
we do not want to lie,
when we get to heaven
we want to get to heaven
on Saturday and celebrate
the lord's day

on sunday,
God will ask us,
'what happened to the land
i gave you across limpopo'
will you say,'you left the land because it was infested with poo,serpents and aphids'

on Monday
God even gave us
our own black Moses,
king Mzilikazi,
who led us from Pharoah in kwaZulu,
and crossed the Red sea
across Limpopo to the promised land,
i see,see more dead bodies with bullet holes in my sleep,