With my boys from the hood
we had met her at club three-one
a couple of weeks after her release from the correctional services,
we didn't care she was an ex-convict,
the bachelor party wanted her services,

Tawana my best boy to be
introduced her to me
as Sandawana,
it seemed they had known each other back from the days of high school,
the girl was fluid fire and she sounded cool,

Tawana told me she had a huge appetite for ugly boys,
and his stories usually revolved around boys,
she was of brazillian or indian decent,her skin was fair,
with long black curly hair
that when seated it swept the chair,

she had a handful of breasts and of course a tight round butt like J-lo,
i was tempted to lure her to a dark secluded spot but i feared the sharia law,
fantasy was killing me,
Sandawana came and sat next to me,
that night in that club,was i the ugliest,
but i considered myself the luckiest,
i was dying to feel sandawana's ass,
the tone of her voice sounded like my ex's,
there was a twang in my blood when our eyes met,
i could feel her brown eyes touch me,
from the top of my hair,
to the tip of my Italian shoes,

'please may i buy you a drink'i offered,
'sure,thanks'she accepted the offer with a smile,
i took her smile as a pre wedding present of mine,

our conversation had started as general talk,
and changed bit by bit like weather to bedroom talk,
my hunger for this woman was getting worse,
something was unique about her bum and waist,

i placed my arm around her waist,
and whispered something nice in her ear,and we left together,
everything outside was the same except for the weather,
we were strolling together to commit a sexual sin,
we wanted to cross the street without being noticed or seen,
but Sandawana's caucasian features were drawing attention on the street,
Sandawana's hair in the street,
was playing in the wind like a flag of death,
Sandawana was one of the beautful products from mother earth,

at home the music was dead,
but the crowd was very much alive,
it was in the morning when Sandawana was blackmailing me,
that i took the blackmail as the Japanese attack on Pearl habour,
i had to grind her brain with my four pounds hammer,
or buy my freedom for $13 000
she died without a sound near the suburb of Domus,

but my plan flopped like the German Schlieffern plan,
going to jail was not in my plan,